Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in ICA Kingston’s membership. Your membership means your enthusiasm for community involvement and participation in cultural and social activities. This in turn connects you to your roots by keeping and spreading the rich heritage that you all carry within yourselves in diverse ways. ICA Kingston gives a platform to share, learn, and pass on this heritage generation after generation.

Your membership makes it possible to celebrate the Indo-Canadian cultural heritage in the Greater Kingston Area. Holding a membership of the ICA allows members to be part of the various social, cultural, and educational programs for all ages conducted by the ICA. The benefits are to take advantage of the lower ticket prices for the ICA events such as Diwali Dinner, Baisakhi Dinner, Dandiya Night and Heritage Day.  Additional benefits are your family’s ability to participate in Hindi language learning, Dance learning programs (Bhangra, Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, etc.), and sports activities like ICA indoor cricket club. ICA also organizes screening of Bollywood movies at Cineplex and Landmark for its membership and communicates the showtimes via community email.  

This membership is valid for the calendar year and must be renewed every year in January. ICA Kingston charges a very modest fee just to cover the administrative costs of maintaining records and publishing directories. ICA no longer offers life membership. All previous life members continue to retain their life membership.

Please note that ICA Kingston respects the privacy of your information. The address and phone numbers are published in the ICA community directory unless you request not to. The email addresses are strictly for emailing lists to communicate ICA-related activities and events and are NOT PUBLISHED in the ICA community directory or shared with any other organization. By becoming a member you give your consent to ICA Kingston to use your information for the above-mentioned purposes.

Membership fees can be paid online using the ICA website or in person by cash or by cheque payable to ICA Kingston. The cheque can also be mailed to ICA Kingston, P.O Box 1351, Kingston ON K7L 5C6.