Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering with the India-Canada Association of Kingston (ICA-Kingston)

ICA-Kingston is a Voluntary Non-for-Profit Social Organization consisting of the Voluntary Board of Trustees and Voluntary Executive Committee who oversees and organizes all the events and other logistics of the organization. The organization runs by the active participation of its members to make events happen and to promote the culture and heritage of the Indian community in the greater Kingston area. Being active in ICA gives the organization recognition and an opportunity to give back to society.

Volunteering at any organization has its own benefits and satisfaction. Volunteering at ICA is special because you are learning and spreading your own culture and heritage and be connected with the roots. It gives an opportunity to meet with new people, get to know them, and learn from each other. Elders in the community have a chance to mentor the enthusiastic younger from their experience, parents could teach and introduce the culture to their children, and everyone who volunteers could get an occasion to showcase their talent and creativity at different events and programs.

ICA also recognizes the volunteer hours of the High School Students if required and supports them to learn new skills, develop abilities and instill confidence. Supporting the young in the community and dispersing the knowledge could be a great contribution. Volunteering done in the right spirit could expand oneself; bring satisfaction and togetherness. It is a great way to help community engagement, involvement, and development.

Below are some of the broader tasks that you can volunteer:

1. During major events - Heritage Day, Baisakhi, Special Events, AGM and Picnic, Multicultural day, Dandiya, Diwali, and Christmas
2. On a weekly basis - ICA program office - Dance and Hindi Learning
3. On a regular basis - ICA sports activities.
4. As required occasionally - help to create flyers, design for the directory, and social media, etc.
5. To bring new ideas - get involved in it, plan and organize with the direction of ICA executives.
6. Any other kind of experience that you can bring to ICA as a volunteer.