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ICA Kingston – Heritage Day, 29 March 2020 – Postponed Due to Pandemic

Dear Members of Indo-Canadian Community:

Please join us for the 41st Heritage Day on 29th March 2020, Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm celebrated by the India-Canada Association of Kingston. Please see the flyer for the venue and ticket information. Heritage Day is celebrated by the Indo-Canadian community members to showcase the diverse cultural components of various regions through Classical and Folk Dances; Classical and Light Music; and Skits. In addition, we also present invited items and professional performances. The program items are performed by all age groups as young as 3-5 yrs, to teens and adults. It is a community event open to the public done in the spirit of upholding and spreading the culture to the people who are interested in Indian Culture and Heritage. Your presence will make the event successful and enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Please use the Eventbrite link to book your tickets: