India-Canada Association (ICA) of Kingston is launching a Dance Learning Program for its community members in Kingston. An easy way to learn the proper style of Indian dances is to enroll in one of the dance classes of your choice. The objective of ICA’s Dance Learning Program is to give children an opportunity to learn various Indian dance forms and get connected to their roots.

Following dance classes are being planned:

Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Tami Nadu and neighboring areas. It is the oldest form of classical dance in which a story is portrayed using dance movements.

Bhangra is another very popular dance form, which is known all over the world. It is a dance from the state of Punjab that involves a lot of energetic moves and can be a lot of fun to learn.

Garba another popular classical dance originated in the state of Gujarat and is performed in a circle with a large group of people.

Bollywood Dance is a dance form which combines various contemporary dance style and classical dances.

The above dance classes will be organized by volunteers from our community who have the passion and experience for the respective dance styles. The teachers will prepare the kids for the ICA Heritage Day event as well. Parents of the interested kids will need to be an active member of the ICA. The membership can be secured for each calendar year for a nominal fee.

If you wish to learn any of the above dance forms, please send us an email to